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Why "What We Do in The Shadows" Really Gives a Duck

Duck T chilling out in front of "What We Do in the Shadows"

Dear Ducks,

I am a huge ducking fan of What We Do in the Shadows. Not only does it quack me up like no other series, but it also knows the importance of duck visibility.

For example, when vampire Nandor (pictured below, to your left) has his citizenship application rejected for no good reason, he actually likens himself to "a little lost duck, floating about in the middle of the ocean." And paddle me sideways, it's a sensitive moment:

Amazingly, I, Duck T, had a similar experience, metaphorically speaking. I was meditating on the river in my eye-mask and earbuds, and I must have dropped off, because when I woke up and pulled off the mask, the first thing I saw was the Eiffel-ducking-Tower.

Yes, ducks. I'd ended up in Paris. [Editor's note: Explain meaning of "metaphorically" to Duck.] Star and Other Duck (which is what I call their partner Jake) actually wrote a screenplay about this total, ducking tragedy, but I've no doubt it's less funny than What We Do in the Shadows.

Star is actually a massive fan of What We Do in The Shadows—so much so that Star and Other Duck watch it every morning over breakfast, so that their daily, beak-brained dose of news headlines is smothered by oodles of ducking hilarity.

When I asked Star and Other Duck what they thought of the show, they said they'd give it five stars. There's a ton of visibility in terms of race, sexuality, gender presentation, body shape, and blood type [sic], they say. They summed it up as "brilliant" and "ducking killer-hilarious."

Check out this awesome interview with Harvey Guillén, who plays queer, Hispanic familiar Guillermo in the show. In it, he says, "Latinx people in the community that came up to me [at conventions] ... would say the sweetest things like, 'I've never seen anyone who looks like me in that world.'"

And talk about ducks, people.

Duck T.


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