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Follow Your Passions (Just Don't Eat Ducks): An Interview With Ann, Owner of The Saucy Floof

Ducks and Chucks,

Today, I'm interviewing my good friend Ann who runs an amazing cat-themed Etsy store called The Saucy Floof. Star adores The Saucy Floof's products, which are lovely and always give Star a good giggle. As for me, your resident duck, I ducking love The Saucy Floof too, but sadly, I can't use the delightful mug Star bought us because it gives me cat-based nightmares.

Did you know that cats EAT DUCKS?

Anyway, Ann, thank you for joining me to discuss living a happier life. You see, sometimes, the pond gets gray. There's a soupy quality to the water and a duck would rather not dip his beak in there, even if there's a stray Dorito beneath the surface. Which leads me to my question: What do you do to feel better when life is gray?

When life is gray, I focus on the color in my life…my kids and my cats. It’s hard to stay down with a soft furry thing purring in your lap or when reading a story to an inquisitive 6 year old.

Great advice! I must swiftly locate an inquisitive 6 year old!

As an aside—not that I'm obsessed—but I've also heard that cats share a WORLD DOMINATION MASTER PLAN that involves eating EVEN MORE ducks. Tell me, Ann, is your Saucy Floof Etsy store part of this masterminded feline takeover?

The truth is I am merely a bot programmed by my super genius cats to use every available means to make their lives more lavish and entertaining. The store strokes their egos and puts a few extra treats in their bowls. But I didn’t tell you that!

Your secret is safe with me, dear bot! Just don't tell them that duck-plush tastes delicious.

While we're on the topic of cat masterminds, do those saucy kittens of yours have any advice about overcoming stress?

Yes! My cats have advised me that every problem can be solved with the three S’s: snuggle, sleep, and snack!

As long as I'm not the snack, I fully applaud this.

I actually have a master plan myself: Send every cat an aromatherapy sleep cushion so they stay asleep rather than EATING DUCKS! Star tells me that cats generally seem do as they please and are no match for aromatherapy, but I think it's worth considering.

Which brings me to this: dear Saucy Floof, has following your passion made you happier?

Following my passion has made me happier AND crazier!! Kind of like my cats! There are days when I think, why the cat am I doing this, there are easier ways? But then I’m like oh yeah, cause it makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning, and I laugh more and share more with others and feel more connected and proud and alive.

I encourage others to follow their passions for sure!! But keep balance and know that it’s not all catnip and roses either. Best of luck to everyone in finding their best selves and doing what they love!

That is super-ducking beautiful, Ann! Star is freelance and feels just the same. And what a wonderful note to end our super-ducking awesome chat on! Thanks so much for joining me, Ann.

Folks, please check out Ann's store The Saucy Floof on Etsy! It totally rocks my flippers! Even if you're just browsing, all you cat lovers out there will adore it.

Loves ya,



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