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Duck T.

Pond Manager, Bird Visibility Activist (he/him)

Duck T. is the pond manager at the Boston Common pond, where getting birds to do things is about as challenging as building a nest out of jelly beans. At his previous pond, he worked in B.R. (bird resources) and he's also been a personal assistant to Peacock Riley, his opera-singing partner. Currently, he's attempting to manage the pondemic—if only those darn waterfowl would swim in the same direction, thereby enforcing the 25 cm social distancing guidelines.

Duck, a transgender bird, is also a bird-visibility and LGBTQIA+ activist. In his spare time, he likes to watch TV and eat "bird-sized" portions of human food.

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Peacock Riley

Famous Bird Opera Singer (they/them)

Peacock Riley rose to fame when they took the title role in the Royal Bird Opera's first production of La Peacoquetta. When they're not signing autographs or being altogether fabulous in front of audiences, journalists, and camera crews alike, Riley loves relaxing with their partner, Duck T, who is a dab hand at rustling up their favorite dishes, such as Snake Wellington and Beetle Juice Lasagne. For dessert? Belgian chocolates. Nothing else will do. 

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Goose Luce

Pond CEO, Pirate (she/her)

Pond CEO Goose Luce first arrived at the Boston Common Pond as an intern back in 2018. Renowned for her smarts, no-nonsense attitude, and French language abilities, Goose Luce only ever says two words, and those are "Goose Luce." However, once you relax, you'll find that interpreting her every "Goose Luce" is as easy as can be. It's kind of a psychic thing. And as you may already know, birds do tend to be psychic.


Luce is also a part-time pirate and collector of shiny things.  

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Sir Mallard Jones

Celebrity Author, Duck Entrepreneur, "Royal Pain in the Proverbial" (he/him)

Close frenemy of Duck T. and well-known bird celeb Mallard Jones is one of those ducks who seems to have it all. He lives in a duck-sized castle not far from the pond and loves driving his motorboat across the still waters, creating waves with the high-femme geese, all of whom dream of joining him for a glass of Veuve Cliquot. Mallard also recently published his memoir, Duck Actually.

Mallard is madly in love with Peacock Riley, which ducks Duck T. off no end. However, Duck and Mallard take their responsibilities as frenemies seriously, meeting for sushi every Saturday—even during a pondemic, when they peck down avocado maki while chatting/squabbling via Skype.

Mallard, a fan of the Vine Sanctuary blog, asked us to share his fave quote: "While some Mallard drakes pair-bond with female ducks and others pair-bond with other drakes, all appear to be functionally bisexual."

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Swan Juan

Pond Swan, Psychology Columnist, Fashion Enthusiast (he/him, they/them)

Swan Juan knows a thing or two about psychology. However, seeing as he only communicates via email or by tapping his beak against an empty soda can, you'll have to read his weekly column in The Approachable Fowl to take full advantage of his knowledge. 

When he's not swanning on the pond, Juan, a fan of fancy hats, can be found with his beak buried deep inside the latest edition of Vogue. He also loves a good joke and is a sucker for pondweed frappuccinos.

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