"Duck? There's a duck?" —Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hi there! My name is Star Williams. And Duck, who is the true star of this blog, is a character who changed everything for my partner Jake (aka Other Duck) and I. You can find out how Duck came to us in this Thrive article.

I'm a writer—both by profession and vocation. By day, I write and edit business content. I also provide captioning. But in the rest of my life, I've published everything from romance novels with a big publisher, to award-winning short stories, and screenplays. (If you're interested in my writing, check out my other website.) Duck was born of a screenplay that Jake and I created for a series called "Ducking Awesome!" (It's even won a few awards, I'm happy to say!) He makes life so much brighter—especially during a pandemic/pondemic. His partner, Peacock Riley, is a celebrity in their own right, and Duck believes that they outshine him. But, like most of us who think we're less than we are, he couldn't be more wrong.

On this blog, Duck's going to share his recommendations for great TV, films, books, products, and more, that are diverse, inclusive, and have the power to make us laugh. 

I learned, a long time ago, that laughter can get us through almost everything. It's important to chuckle, so why not do it with a duck?

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