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This Video About Rescuing Baby Elephants Is Ducking Awesome, But What If One Of Them Eats A Duck?


When I discovered the above video, which comes from a ducking awesome BBC series about humans who save animals, I was officially moved. Turns out that Sri Lanka has a baby elephant orphanage that protects baby elephants before they grow enough to be safely released back into the wild. That last bit's important. Color this duck impressed.

That said, I have not been able to sleep for three ducking nights because I've always been afraid of elephants. AND WHAT THE DUCK HAPPENS IF AN ELEPHANT EATS A DUCK? I do not want to end up as the elephant equivalent of a salmon nibble.

Star Williams tells me this is highly unlikely because, according to the Internet, elephants are herbivores. [I also told Duck that he might be panicking because of this ducking pondemic, but he disagreed—Star]. But once I'm in a lather, I'm in a lather.

Anyway, this Duck is capable of environmental complexity. That's why I can say that the work going on at the above elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka leaves me in wide-beaked awe. It's amazing activism. It should be praised aplenty. And it's also a DUCK HORROR MOVIE IN THE MAKING.

Ducks and humans can also donate to the Elephant Protection Initiative, which protects elephants, including by stopping humans from hunting them for their ivory.

Loves ya.

Over and out,


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