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Duck's Brand New Patreon (And Why It's On His Flippers)

Ducks and Chucks,

Hello, hello! It's me, Duck. And yes, Star and I have launched a Patreon, along with a wonderfully ri-duck-ulous video below. We hope you enjoy it, and most of all, we hope you enjoy the genuinely Mozart-worthy music.

While we were working on this duckworthy video, I got it on my flippers. You see, before I'd had a chance to check out Star's video editing, they left their iPad lying around, and I happened to see it, and duck, I got so excited! Anyway, I'd been honey-paddling that day, because it's a great workout for the flippers, and I was still a bit sticky, as was the bathroom sink. Anyway, when I jumped right onto Star's iPad with both flippers, I landed pretty hard, and although the screen didn't crack—which was a duck of a good thing, because I don't have much pondweed left to barter for a new tablet—I did get a bit stuck on there for a while.

Okay, when I say "a while," I mean DUCKING HOURS. I jumped onto the screen at 1.23pm, but Star was out and didn't get back home until 5.12pm. (One great thing about being stuck to a tablet is you know exactly what time it is.)

But did I waste my time? No I did not! I managed to Venmo Mallard Jones that pondweed I owe him, plus I created a coloring sheet for our Patreon by using ONLY MY BEAK (which, beak-wise, is pretty much a WIN). Also, I downloaded a new calendar app because if I keep missing my virtual pond meetings, I'm going to be demoted to deputy pond manager. And where's the fun in that?

Okay, ducks and chucks. Now, if you'd like to join us on Patreon, we'd be SUPER-DUCKING DUCKLIGHTED! We're offering lots of rewards, many of them plushie-related, including monthly e-books, stickers, Duck-themed coloring sheets, videos of my Duck Self-Esteem songs, and more! Our patrons mean the world to us and we're super-ducking grateful!

Finally, I know it's a ducking devastating world out there right now, and we hope you're taking care of yourselves. Are you aware that you're SUPER-DUCKING AWESOME? Because you really ducking are.

Loves ya,

Duck T


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