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Listen, Disney. For Duck's Sake, This Duck Will Not Be Overshadowed By Donald.

Donald Duck and Duck (stuffies both) posting in their shades. Duck's are rose-tinted and heat-shaped.
Donald Duck with Duck


Yes, I'm indie. Yes, no one's heard of me. Yes, Donald Duck's the most famous duck in the country. But that doesn't mean he gets to steal my ducking Ray-Bans and waddle round the house as if he's the beak-owning version of the Blues Brothers.

My advice? Don't let birds [or people—Star] take your stuff just because it's the season of good cheer and they happen to be famous. And I'm not just talking about Ray-Bans. Want to give people your sunglasses? That's a nice gesture. But if you don't, and a Disney icon comes right up and snatches them off your bill, find some ducking way to get them back, because you deserve to stand out too.

Boundaries, ducks. Boundaries.

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Over and out,



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