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Ducks, Wearing Hats is Far Better Than Rigging Bird of the Year.

Peacock Riley wears a small top hat in fall colors. Duck wears a baseball cap.
Duck (left) with Riley (right) in fancy hats


Now, I know the pondemic is tough, but whichever bird tried to rig Bird of the Year 2020, this duck hopes you feel remorse. Sure, the Kiwi Pukupuku, which is becoming extinct, deserves more exposure. I mean, who needs bird visibility more? But as Mike Ives at the New York Times reports, rather than rigging the vote, it's better if birds stand out by wearing fancy hats. [Apologies to Mike Ives, who never said this ever—Star]

Ives writes that the Kiwi Pukupuku "was once the most common type of the five kiwis, but is now extinct on New Zealand’s mainland. Its 1,900 or so remaining members live on Kapiti Island, a bird sanctuary off the coast of the country’s North Island. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists its status as 'near threatened.'" [Yes, Mike Ives did actually write that bit—Star]

Fortunately, Peacock Riley, being both a bird activist and total queen, has decided to wear a bird-themed hat to offer solidarity to the pukupuku without cheating in any way. If you'd like to buy fine headgear for your bird [or human, because that's who they're designed for—Star] check out the SewTrulyMe Etsy store where both Peacock Riley's (above) and Goose Luce's (below) ducking awesome hats were purchased.

Goose Luce wears a red pirate hat and pink, heart-shaped shades
Goose Luce in a pirate hat from SewTrulyMe

You can also do birds a duck-load of good by donating to the National Audubon Society [yes, please do this, if you can—Star].

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This duck doffs his cap to you.

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