Star, who is the creator of Chuckle Duck, is also an artist. You can check out their art and lettering here.

Designs for Redbubble:

Queer Cow.jpg
Duck flipper.jpg
Pretty Cape.jpg

Julia MacHuman - This column contains images for Star's own picture book (in progress):

Julia MacHuman.jpg
Julia classroom snake.jpg
Julia title.jpg
Trans Robot Purple.jpg
Duck orange dot.jpg

Artwork for Clients & Community


Plushie portraits of Matcha the Otter (Instagram: @matcha_otter):

Matcha Santa transparency2.png
Matcha everyday2.png

Plushie portrait of Sir Roger (Instagram; @sirrogerbear)

Activist design (client provided text and chose eye theme):

Sir Roger Bond Image.png

Medwen Mooncalf (@Magical_Medwen). Visit Medwen's Etsy store here.

Magical Medwen3.png

Plushie portrait of Akito:

MISGENDERING hurts brown final.png

Client T-shirt design for Open HeartEd:

Plushie heart fred small.png