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Why This Duck Loves Consensual Goosing


During these ducking dark days, a snuggly toy can really put the smile back on our beaks. My newest snuggler is Goosebusters by CelebriDucks—and believe me, this little character is beak-stuffed full of duck-sized reassurance. Frankly, a duck that carries demon-busting weaponry adds an extra layer of comfort to these unsettling times, and no doubt, PondPants [named by Duck not Star—Star] likely carries some kind of pandemic-proof/politician-proof breathing apparatus.

Yes, PondPants the Goosebusting duck can goose me anytime.

Funny story: Star Williams tells me that in some ways I am a snuggly toy, which is clearly quackers! [No comment—Star].

Swim on, ducks.

Over and out,



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