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Why Sir Mallard Jones, A Posh Duck, Is A Bit Like Mr. Darcy

Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett, Mallard Jones as himself, and Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, courtesy of Andrew Davies' Pride and Prejudice (BBC).

Ducks and Chucks,

We've been watching the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice directed by Andrew Davies (BBC). It's super-ducking awesome! We do like a bit of Jane Austen, and Lizzy is one of the best heroines EVER. If Lizzy was a duck she's be beak-to-flippers amazing because we ducks like people who are direct, honest, and have a good ducking heart. And that's Lizzy all over.

Then there's Mr. Darcy, Lizzy's love interest. Although I'd probably call him her love-hate interest. But would I say Mr. Darcy was like Sir Mallard Jones? No ducking way!

Star: Excuse me, Duck, but why is Mr. Darcy unlike Sir Mallard?

Duck: Because Mallard was uncomfortable on the couch and therefore stole my pondweed sandwich. And yes, he did give it back eventually, but who wants a sandwich that's been sat on, especially by a duck who self-identifies as having a particularly clammy underside?

Star: And this whole situation makes him unlike Mr. Darcy because....

Duck: Well, I know Mr. Darcy's all proud and haughty, but I just can't see him stealing anybody's sandwich! This hero may need to learn a lesson or two about humility and politeness, but borrowing a thing without asking for it? I'd be surprised.

That said, they do both have mansions. Mallard's is more impressive because it's duck-sized.

Star: Great series though, right, Duck?

Duck: Super-ducking compelling! And just like in book, it's so exciting that Elizabeth Bennett, aka Jennifer Ehle, is allowed to be smart, witty, totally honest, and brilliantly outspoken. The fact that Jane Austen was writing the character—who is not a duck—that way in the early nineteenth century, when women of Lizzy's class were expected to be quiet rather than outspoken, really tickles my flippers!

Star: Abso-ducking-lutely! Lizzie and Darcy's war of wit is sizzling! And these two actors, Colin Firth and Jessica Ehle, have such marvelous chemistry that their angrier moments feel truly passionate. Mr. Darcy is all simmer for much of the time and it's so wonderful to see Lizzy bringing him to boiling point—in all the ways.

But Duck, doesn't Sir Mallard wear top hats? That's a very Mr. Darcy thing to do.

Duck: True. But does Mr. Darcy steal your second pondweed sandwich by hiding it under his hat because he's feeling "a bit snackish"? NO HE DOES NOT! That's because Mr. Darcy is pure romance, and Mallard Jones is somewhat sandwich-obsessed.

Star: On that note, I think we'll give the BBC's Pride and Prejudice five stars, while Sir Mallard Jones Earl Of Duck's Sandwiches gets just one.

Duck: But if those stars are edible, Star, it's best to not let him know about them. Especially if they're Michelin stars. He has actual books about how to find those.

And on that note, ducks and chucks, we'll love you and leave you. But we do recommend Andrew Davies' 1995 series of Pride and Prejudice. It's the perfect way to spend a wintery weekend.

Loves ya,

Duck T.


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