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Why Mercato Green is Quackers Good

Fellow ducks,

If there's anything this duck loves to do, it's support local businesses—especially when they're green and have a do-no-harm-to-ducks policy. That's why I always loved Cornucopia in Northampton. Great produce, nice folks, and I've never seen a duck harmed there.

But that was before the local duck pond sported this massive pondemic [sic—ed.] that left me afraid to leave my ducking house.

So, how to buy those awesome groceries that keep this duck from going nuts?

My answer: Mercato Green.

Mercato deliver groceries from local markets (like Cornucopia) right to your door—and so far, they've been coming by bike, no less. The only way to get greener than that is to shower in pondweed. [Editor's note—not recommended.] Here are a few duck benefits:

• My Mercato Green deliverers cut little holes in the base of my bags, so that yours truly can easily get inside to unpack my crackers, blueberries, and bananas [Editor's note—as we actually keep telling Duck, we're the ones that do this.]

• Delivery is contactless, as is tip.

• For the most part, our fruit and veg turn up fresh and flawless.

• When we did have a small issue with a product once, Mercato Green actually refunded this duck twice, which some might call overkill, but I call ducking generous.

Over and out,

Duck T.


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