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Self-care is Vital. That's Why This Duck is Done.


This duck is fed up, exhausted, done. One more minute in the oven of life would burn me to a crisp. From the ducking news to the ducking pondemic [that's pandemic, for humans—Star], I am at overload. And at times like this, there are a duck-zillion reasons why it's vital to say, "Time out!"

Since I can't go to the pond right now, my flippers are dried out, my beak's flaky, and I miss the lulling sensation of bobbing on the water. That's why I headed to Star and Other Ducks' bathroom, paddled around in the bath a bit, and am now chilling out, duck-style, imagining I'm basking by the pond. I'm playing Mysa's Symphony of Rain on the Calm App, [It's blissful—Star] and not thinking about anything stressful.

What this duck needs now is love sweet love.

And so do you, ducks. Please take care of yourselves as much as you ducking can, because this is a world we are brave to be living in.

Over and out,



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