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Peacock Riley's Oracle Readings: Embrace the Peacock of Peace

Ducks and Chucks,

Today, my ducking radiant partner Peacock Riley (pictured above with the card of the week) pulled this week's reading from our favorite-ever deck: Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.* More about it after Riley's guest reading below.

Ducks and chucks, it's Peacock Riley here. Today, I, Riley the Ravishing, pulled the Broken Arrow card. For those of you in the U.S. who see this card before January 20th, the Broken Arrow meaning is about peace after struggle, and it's meaning is very clear: We're now to have a new President, which means we need to embrace the energy of peace, no matter what else occurs. We, the ducking magnificent many, who want only the best for the world, need to think and peck positively about the coming presidential term—surround yourself with your own comforting feathers and let yourself joyfully chirp towards a place of peace and renewal.

Riley knows it's harder for many of us to be positive these days because of all that is going on in our worlds. But however you're able to bring the positivity in—twenty minutes sampling snack-snails in the sun, say, or a nice warm shower to release your inner peacock—these moments are more important than ever for raising the world's vibration and ensuring our peaceful future.

Fan your feathers, my delectable friends! A new dawn is in the wings—and the sooner we accept that it is, the sooner it will be center-stage.

It's Duck again, folks. Riley, you're a peach of a psychic peacock.

Just to fill you in on this ducking awesome oracle card deck* by Kyle Gray, the cards are quack-tastic. Gray (who isn't a bird, but why the duck should that matter?) has included figures in these cards who come from different backgrounds and traditions. There are lots of beings of color depicted in these cards, and, since Star Williams our human blogger is a non-binary person, they were particularly excited to see a non-binary angel depicted in the deck.

Also, Star would like you all to know that this is THE MOST ACCURATE DUCKING DECK THEY'VE EVER WORKED WITH EVER. Why? Because of how nuanced it is.

Thank you, Kyle Gray, for being committed to equality, visibility, and ducking awesome readings.

Ducks and chucks, let's stay in touch! I'd love it if you'd join my email list, duckies. Also, if you want to know more about the ChuckleDuck birds, check them out here.

Quacks to all,


*Ducks and chucks, if you buy the oracle reading by clicking through to Amazon from one of the above links, we get a little cash from Amazon to spend on seaweed crackers etc. Thank you very much for giving a duck!


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