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Misogyny? No One Wins. Not Even Your Stuffie.

Duck posing with his own stuffie, Little Death


It seems we're living in a world where a heck of lot of men are hiding their teddy bears from their partners. (Click here to read about the Travelodge research on this, plus a great piece by Joseph Burgo PhD.) And as with most things that like to shame vulnerability, this duck knows the blame lies with misogyny.

As Joseph Burgo (not a known duck) states, Travelodge found that "one-in-ten single men surveyed in England admitted they hide their teddy bear when their girlfriend stayed over, while 14 percent of married men reported they hide their teddy bear when any family and friends came to visit."

I get it, even though I'm not a stuffie. [Duck is totally a stuffie—Star.] But men, masculine folks, ducks, and others who are hiding their stuffies, I just hope you enjoy them twice as much when you do get to snuggle them.

That's right. I'm not going to shame anyone for hiding stuffies, because that would also be misogynistic duck-quackery. Instead, I'm going to say, "Well done to all who have a stuffie!" After all, according to Sreedhari Desai at Harvard Business Review, your stuffie can make you a more honest, generous duck [or human, since ducks actually weren't involved in the study—Star]:

"Sreedhari Desai and her research partner Francesca Gino had people play classic psychology games in which the subjects controlled how much money other people earned and could earn more themselves if they lied. Half the participants were either in a room with children’s toys or engaged in children’s activities. Across the board, those participants lied less and were more generous than the control subjects." Click here for the full, ducking awesome article.

So there you go. If I were a stuffie, I'd be quackers-proud. And you'd be proud to own me. [Yes, I am proud to own you, Duck—Star.]

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