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Memes From the Duck-Driven Radical Self-Love Movement

Ducks and Chucks,

For a lot of we ducks and chucks, it's winter right now. Plus we've just recovered from a beak-brained reign of terror at the White House. Plus there's this duck-darn pondemic [that's pandemic for humans—Star], and if you think humans have a hard time with the vaccination rollout, imagine what this quackduckery is like in the waterfowl world (hint: We have fewer opposable joints).

Plus, there was Valentine's Day, and I'm not even going to mention that beak-to-flippers duck-up:

Photo credit: Canva

For the above reasons, Star Williams and this duck have been trying to spread the love via Instagram, reminding everyone that radical self-love is vital on your pond—and on everyone's pond. Take a gander at our duck-love messages below. And you can paddle along with us on Instagram here.

First of all, I can confirm that the Dignity Goose is available at all hours if you need them. They totally have your back—as they should.

Credit: Canva

Also, keep taking those duck-darn selfies, because here's looking at you, clucks:

Don't forget, birds love the whole of you, not just the bits that have seeds on:

Photo credit: Canva

It may look like you don't know where the duck you're going, but you're always synchronized—the Duck Universe knows this:

Photo credit: Canva

You've got this, McDuckles. Don your fancy hat, dance your flippers off, and quack your song. And don't worry if it sounds squeaky—that happens to this duck all the time.

Photo credit: Canva

Peacock Riley, my star-studded partner, is a famous bird-opera singer. To some, their voice sounds ducking exquisite, but to others, they sound like a heap of crusty bird-gongs. The lesson? Keep on singing. Because you can bet your flappers your fans are out there.

Please remember, the environment still counts, even if it did stub this duck's flipper twice this week:

Photo credit: Canva

Now, look. Sir Mallard Jones is my frenemy. He's ducking annoying with his duck-sized castle, his motorboat, his fancy title, his goose admirers, and his latest duck-fensive romance novel. But we still go to tea every Friday. He knows how to handle a teapot, has read the complete works of Jane Austen, is quite entertaining, and seems to know everyone's latest gossip.

The lesson? Some ducks get you ducking mad, but it doesn't mean there isn't something there to like.

I honestly have no ducking idea why this got into the photo pot. Star Williams, this is total quackduckery and has nothing to do with social distancing, radical self-love, or important pond gossip. Cut it, please.

Photo credit: Canva

This, because it's true:

Photo credit: Canva

Okay, ducks and chucks, that's it for today. But stay tuned for more self-love memes, and in the meantime, connect with us on Insta. Why? Because we love the duck out of you.

Loves ya,



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