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Keep Ducks Flipper-Tickling Happy By Reading The Following Quactivist Message

Peacock Riley, Duck T, and Goose Luce are huddled together happily—three stuffies.
Peacock Riley, Duck T, and Goose Luce

Ducks and Chucks,

Being a duck, I, Duck T, take duck welfare very seriously. Fortunately, so does Star Williams who transcribes this blog. We're teaming up to remind every quacktivist—and that includes you, dear reader—that a great way to tickle the duck community pink is to adopt or rescue ducks rather than buying ducklings from farm stands.

More on that in a sec, but first, a word from Loud-and-Proud Gregor below. Best put on your earmuffs though:

Now that's over, please take a minute to let your ears to return to normal. Thank you.

If you're asking, "Why shouldn't I buy ducklings from a farm stand?", The Luck Duck (@the_luckduck) and Fatty and Friends (@fatty_and_friends) have been sharing this important message below via Instagram. Take a gander and please consider sharing it, because this would make we ducks and chucks flipper-tickling happy:

Thanks, friends. We feel this is ducking important.

Also, if you share, please feel free to add us to your tags (@ducking_ace) and we'll do a flapper dance and cheer you with ducking enthusiasm. Just look at how beak-stuffed with happiness Shandy Quackers is that you're considering spreading the word:

Thanks for being the absolute opposite of a beak-brain. Like the following unidentified flapper, you're ducking awesome.

Credit: @memecandy

Loves ya,

Duck [and Star]


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