Keep Ducks Flipper-Tickling Happy By Reading The Following Quactivist Message

Peacock Riley, Duck T, and Goose Luce

Ducks and Chucks,

Being a duck, I, Duck T, take duck welfare very seriously. Fortunately, so does Star Williams who transcribes this blog. We're teaming up to remind every quacktivist—and that includes you, dear reader—that a great way to tickle the duck community pink is to adopt or rescue ducks rather than buying ducklings from farm stands.

More on that in a sec, but first, a word from Loud-and-Proud Gregor below. Best put on your earmuffs though:

Now that's over, please take a minute to let your ears to return to normal. Thank you.

If you're asking, "Why shouldn't I buy ducklings from a farm stand?", The Luck Duck (@the_luckduck) and Fatty and Friends (@fatty_and_friends) have been sharing this important message below via Instagram. Take a gander and please consider sharing it, because this would make we ducks and chucks flipper-tickling happy:

Thanks, friends. We feel this is ducking important.

Also, if you share, please feel free to add us to your tags (@ducking_ace) and we'll do a flapper dance and cheer you with ducking enthusiasm. Just look at how beak-stuffed with happiness Shandy Quackers is that you're considering spreading the word:

Thanks for being the absolute opposite of a beak-brain. Like the following unidentified flapper, you're ducking awesome.

Credit: @memecandy

And if you're curious, you can find out about yours truly and the other ChuckleDuck birds here.

Loves ya,

Duck [and Star]


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