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This Duck Reviews Iya: The Best Ducking Sushi in Massachusetts

Duck, a fluffy toy, is relaxing on a rug with an eye-mask on, after a sushi meal
Duck, relaxing after a sushi feast from Iya


This duck has never been into raw fish. Yes, I defy the stereotype, and ducks point out how strange this is all the ducking time, but I always tell myself, You do *you*, Duck.

Well, when it comes to "doing me," you know what floats my boat-shaped bod? Cooked seafood, especially in sushi.

Which brings me to Iya in South Hadley, MA. (There's also an Amhert location, I believe.) Those who eat shrimp tempura, if you've never tasted an Iya Caterpillar Roll [To be clear, it does not contain caterpillar—Star] you have not ducking lived. As for the Golden California Roll, this duck would roll around in it till the coots come home.

How to describe Iya sushi? It's like biting into alternating layers of moist and crispy pondweed, with a spicy topping, and some of the lightest tempura ever. [For humans, it's a best-ever taste-and-texture sensation. —Star] I took my sworn enemy Mallard Jones out for a bite to eat at Iya before the pondemic hit. [Ducks are sociable creatures, who believe in entertaining their enemies—Star]. Now, Mallard doesn't usually like sushi. But seeing him stuff his beak into layers of spicy crab, melt-in-the-mouth avocado, sweet potato crunch, and the lightest ever tempura, he took on a different demeanor. Suddenly, I could see the kind, vulnerable duck that Mallard could have been if he'd put his flippers into it.

Star, who's my editor and transcriber, [and laundry-washer—Star] tells me the takeout system is pretty ducking good at Iya in South Hadley, with a table upfront where you can collect your duck order in pondemic-safe fashion. Occasionally, when they're busy in there, the staff get a little close, but they're all their wearing masks, so this duck is okay with it.

Duck's rating? 5 out of 5 ducks.

If you like sushi, this duck says, "Do it."

Over and out,

Duck T.


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