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How Craig Wolfe's Celebrity Duckies Are Making a Splash

Duck is in front of the CelebriDucks website, which pictures rubber duckies with celebrity faces (like Betty Boop)
Duck T in front of Craig Wolfe's CelebriDucks website


When it comes to duck visibility, this duck is on the case. So, when I discovered a duck-loving dude who makes duckies that look like human celebrities, my beak dropped open in awe. Super-quacking classy!

Yes, Craig Wolfe made a splash with a ducking awesome idea—a celeb line for his duckie business. And yours truly is becoming a big fan.

Says Wolfe in this article at the North Bay Business Journal, "Once we moved to this parody line, which we call Costume Quackers, we came up with quirky names and more elaborately-worded packaging to go with the new styles — GooseBusters, Spa Wars, Ziggy Starduck, Paddle Like It’s 1999, Harry Ponder, Give Geese a Chance, Bohemian Quacksody, and yes, even ‘The Donald’ Duck (Make bath time great again)."

When he first got the idea, Wolfe says he remembers one of his teachers telling him that "anything is made funnier by adding a duck to it."

Too ducking right. And if that isn't a reason to take ducks seriously, I don't know what is.

Check out Craig Wolfe's website here and buy your own celebrity duckies. Wolfe even customizes. Take a look. THESE DUCKIES ARE FULL OF BEAK-STUFFED FUN.

Thank you, Craig Wolfe, for giving a duck about ducks.

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