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"Oh, God, duck!" Actually Giving a Duck About Duck Visibility

Dear Ducks,

Is duck visibility on the up? Yes, it ducking is. But most humans, flat-beaked pond-suckers that they are, still don't get the importance of duck inclusion. Fortunately, yours truly is here to quack the message home, starting with a few fave duck-visibility moments on the human screen.

You're ducking welcome!

1. Spy

How much does this duck love the hilarious Spy? A duck of a lot.

Spy stars pond-diva exceptionale, Melissa McCarthy, who presents unlike many Hollywood performers and is as gorgeous as she is ducking brilliant. Duck visibility isn't the only visibility McCarthy brings. But check the screenshot below, for a real duck-visibility boon!

Is it just me, or does "Oh, God, duck!" sound hella sexy?

Watch Spy on Amazon Prime.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Now, me and Buffy go way back, but this frame from Season 7 is my favorite screen moment of all. As you can see, it features our superhero showing how rare duck visibility is. Does she expect a duck in the basement of Sunnydale High? No she ducking doesn't. But the fact that she thinks there might be one blows this wee bird's mind. That is what I call activism.

Shortly afterwards, she gets boinked over the head and enters into a duck-ass fight. Which, of course, she wins, because she paddles the hardest. Bird. No wait, I meant: word.

Watch Buffy on Amazon Prime or buy on Amazon.

3. Cupcake and Dino

Never let it be said that this duck is only interested in ducks. Goose-visibility, for example, is too often overlooked. But the genius Cupcake and Dino General Services—a delightful animated series with diverse characters who this duck digs—actually features the Manygoose, a marvelous, non-normative total-ducking hero, who not only saves Dino, but has also stomached a pond-load of oppression just for being different. Through the Manygoose, yours truly is reminded to never take advantage of any kind of goose, just because they happen to look or act differently.

Side note: I am utterly-ducking forlorn that I used to use the expression "that totally cooks my goose." People, that's not okay.

Also, let's all take a gander at Dino's spotless etiquette in the screenshot below. If a bird saves your life, people, it's common courtesy to thank them and ducking introduce yourself.

Watch Cupcake and Dino General Services via Netflix.

Watch these shows, bird fans. They're ducking awesome.

Over and out.



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