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Duck Visibility Is On the Ducking Rise


This duck has been watching the box these days with real ducking excitement. Why? Because #DuckVisibility is on the rise! I know ducks aren't yet as plentiful in the media as doves, penguins, and peacocks, but if we keep striving, the world will be completely ducked before we know it.

Check out these recent duck visibility TV moments. They're quackers good:

Celebrating duck sport—I'm happy to say that, according to the UK series The Windsors, duck football is clearly being played in old Blighty. Which is amazing, because whenever yours truly kicks a ball, it doesn't budge and my flipper gets stuck to it.

"Duck" used to prevent the invasion of evil—What better security alarm code is there than "duck"? On Evil, they know there is none. Sadly, the word's secure nature is probably due to a lack of duck visibility—we ducks are so seldom seen in mainstream adult TV that we don't even enter your average burglar's mind.

But three cheers for Evil for ducking paving the way! Now, maybe everyone will make "duck" their alarm code.

Duck is the answer—According to WordBrain, a game I'm quackers about, the very first answer is duck. Yes, the second is corn, but that doesn't have to mean the duck is part of a duck-and-corn dinner.

Ducks are bigger than they know—I'm not sure whether this contestant from the Big Flower Fight was talking about ducks when he said the following, but if he was, then come on everybody, let's start talking about duck size as if it's ducking awesome.

More duck visibility to come, my ducky friends. Stay safe on that pond.

Over and out,



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