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"Duck the Halls with Bows of Pondweed" (And Let's Adopt Carrie The Duck This Christmas)

Duck and Swan Juan roll around on a bed of wrapped Christmas presents, looking happy
Duck and Swan Juan

Update: We ducking did it! Thank you to everyone who's liked our FB page—we've successfully adopted Carrie the Duck and that means a duck of a lot.


Happy holidays! First off, we'll be donating a dollar to the Farm Sanctuary for every Facebook like we receive before December 28th, 2020! The goal? To adopt Carrie The Duck. Here's our FB page. Here's Farm Sanctuary, which fights for the rights of farm animals Here's Carrie.

This morning, me, Star, Jake, Peacock Riley, Goose Luce, Mallard Jones, and Swan Juan tore open our presents while soothing bird-themed Christmas songs played in the background. (I got a beak-warmer, a pelican-print neck-tie, and a duck-sized pot of goldfish-flavored hot chocolate. Score!)

Here's our ducking awesome holiday playlist:

• Duck the Halls with Bows of Pondweed

• Santa Birdie

• Rudolph the Red-Beaked Partridge

• All I Want for Christmas Is Goose

• Joy to the Bird

• Baby There's Coots Outside

• So Quail It Is, Merry Christmas

• Have Your Flock A Merry Kookaburra

• Jingle Quails

• God Rest Your Merry Turkey (Tons)

• Peck at Snow, Peck at Snow, Peck at Snow

Peacock Riley wears their classic heart-shaped sunglasses in front of a Christmas tree with white lights and baubles.
Peacock Riley rockin' it at Christmas

Thank you, dear reader, for staying tuned to this most ri-duck-u-lous of blogs. We wish ou happiness however you celebrate the end of 2020. Be safe and warm. Merry, merry!

Loves ya,



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