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Duck-Sized Books: When I Loved Myself Enough

Duck and Peacock Riley read a hardback copy of When I Loved Myself Enough
Duck and Riley reading When I Loved Myself Enough


When it comes to duck-sized books, there aren't a whole lot out there. And we ducks can't be doing with e-readers—even the waterproof ones aren't guaranteed if you drop 'em in a puddle. So, whenever I read a duck-sized book that really floats my boat, I tell the flock about it. When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen and Alison McMillen is such a book.

In this duck's humble ducking opinion, it's perfect pondemic self-care reading. [That's pandemic, for humans—Star].

When I Loved Myself Enough delivers wonderful self-love sentences from the very bird/human who was helped by them. They're all delivered in "I" statements, which makes the book duck-darn approachable and gives it a simple, honest feel. Expect a spoonful of comfort-soup rather than a deep dive.

You can flip it open randomly and find something that can help in the moment. Though there's zero preachiness, there are a couple of references to God (not cod) and divinity (not dive-nitwitty), but the book doesn't make any definitions of those.

Riley showcases a page from When I Loved Myself Enough

The downside? There are zero duck references. Zilch, for duck's sake. But it's a duck-sized book and that's a good start.

[This book is also peacock-sized. Riley did tell this to Duck, but it doesn't seem to have sunk in.—Peacock Riley the Delectable]

Keep floating, ducks.

Over and out,

Duck T.

P.S. If you buy the book via a link from this post, ChuckleDuck gets a little bit of cash that goes towards an Amazon gift card for Duck, Star, and Other Duck. Thank you, ducks!


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