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Duck Liberation Plan 25.5

Duck doing his James Bond impression as he plans for duck liberation.

Ducks, this is it. We have managed to infiltrate the White House with a dummy robot version of that guy in charge. It’s driven by two geese, Bertram and Conchita—Conchita drives faster, so if you see the presidential robot going in circles, text Bertram and ask him to ramp it up.

Now that these ducking awesome geese have been inveigled into the White House, we have no ducking idea what the next step of the plan should be. Any ideas or feedback (aside from the fact that the robot looks more like Boris Johnson—we've heard that a few times now) gratefully received.

If our presidential robot starts laying eggs, perhaps we'll circulate the notion that it's an OVID-19 symptom.

Prepare for victory!

Over and out,



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