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Drinking Dobra Tea is Like Paddling Softly, as Tadpoles Tickle Your Footage

Peacock Riley (a stuffed toy peacock) shows off a pouch of Dobra tea
Peacock Riley showing off a pouch of Dobra rooibos tea


Duck me, this duck really misses Dobra in Northampton. Peacock Riley, who is a professional peacock singer, opera-sang when we were at Dobra once. It wasn't an official event. Riley was so inspired by their pot of bird-friendly Earl Grey, that they leaped up without thinking and launched into some kind of awesome peacock aria. [Jake aptly describes Riley’s singing as “Enya on fire”—Star.] Their song made the little glass jars that line Dobra's shelves vibrate, like a backing orchestra.

Bliss to the duck-ears. [Less so to the humans—Star.]

Duck himself (a plush toy) is preparing tea in a teapot that is decorated with a UK flag design
Yours truly, making a pot of Dobra tea at home

Sure, Riley broke a teapot when their tail fanned out—which usually happens when they hit the high notes. Plus a water glass just shattered of its own accord, which everyone was very nice about, because the folks in Dobra are ducking lovely (we paid for these breakages, of course, because we are not beakheads.)

And flock me if the rooibos isn't perfect! From the jasmine to the Earl-ducking-Grey, every Dobra tea I've ever tasted has been duck-tastic and has really soothed my flappers. Drinking Dobra tea is like paddling through warm water on a sunny spring morning, as tadpoles tickle your footage.

Dobra is also a place were Riley's [and Star's] they/them pronouns are always respected, which means a lot.

And you know what? You can mail-order Dobra tea. Frankly, you'd be a beak-brain not to. Check out Star's favorite, the rooibos, here.

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