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Calmness Affirmations from Louise Hay, Adapted for Ducks


By nature, I'm an anxious duck. And given that we've just emerged from an election and are still in the midst of a ducking pondemic, I turned to affirmations to calm me the duck down. And you know what? They're starting to work.

(That said, this humble pond manager loses his mackerel when Mallard Jones interrupts my Calm App meditations with his national anthem ringtone. For flock's sake, if you're going to make noise on the pond before six in the morning, fill in the pink form.)

Anyway. Below are some great affirmations from the late Louise Hay—who was ducking awesome, but also not a duck, which is why I've adapted them. Repeat these to help calm your over-active flippers and move you more easily around life's obstacles (which is especially relevant when Mallard Jones parks his motorboat in the middle of the pond, blocking your route to the nearest duck-friendly Starbucks).

You can say the following inside your head whenever you need to. Or you can meditate with them—unless Mallard Jones interrupts you at six in the morning with his Kylie Minogue ringtone. I've offered optional duck-centered adaptations. Thanks, Louise Hay:

  1. I am willing to let [the duck] go. (Duck, yes! You've been clinging to that pondweed for way too long.)

  2. Filling my mind with pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health. (Ducks, considering replacing "road" with "river.")

  3. Today, no person, place, [mallard,] or thing can irritate or annoy me. I choose to be at peace.

  4. I cross all bridges with joy and ease. (This is metaphorical. You could use "ponds" instead, since ducks don't actually need to use the bridge.)

  5. I am safe in the Universe [or pondiverse] and all life loves and supports me. (Speaking of support, did you know that even though its' been decades since a cargo ship spilled a load of rubber duckies into the Pacific, many of them are still floating? It's a ducking miracle. Except it's also not. Click here for details.)

Enjoy your affirmation, duckies. And check out Louise Hay's amazing You Can Heal Your Life. (If you buy it using this link, being a duck-preneur, this duck gets a small portion of the profits, so duck thank ye.)

Take care of you, my little flappers.

Over and out,



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