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An Infographic for Ducks Who Miss Meetings

Ducks and Chucks,

It's Duck here. Now, since I, your trusty duck-blogger, am trying to focus on ways of living a better life, I thought I'd share what I thought was a solution to getting ducks to attend pond meetings. After all, I'm a pond manager. Information but somehow be delivered, otherwise it's chaos!

But you know what? I am done with driving myself into the pondweed getting everyone to come to one ducking meeting a week! No more, I quack!

"You know," said Star, just the other day, "maybe there's a fun way to encourage birds to come to your meetings. An infographic, perhaps?"

I was ducklighted with this idea! Off I went to Duck Canva and created the following infographic, which I then emailed to every bird who misses meetings:

Now, I'm proud of myself for doing something constructive about my stress! Did it work? No ducking way. Yes, every duck who misses pond meetings did text me about the infographic. But what did they tell me? Which duck type they are. Did they all come to the next meeting? Not a one.

The lesson? (Yes, I'm afraid there's a ducking lesson.) Sometimes, the systems we create to further our mental health just crumble around our flippers, but that doesn't mean they were wasted. They're just another flipper-step forward into the realms of calm success.

Beaks up, friends! We'll get there in the end!

Loves ya,

Duck T.


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